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Alexey's Dwice (PC Game)

Availability: In Stock - Ships Immediately. This product is 100% GUARANTEED brand new, factory sealed and original U.S. version.

PCS TK2 14475List: $19.99
You Save: $4.00 (20%)
UPC Number: 743999144750

Platform: Windows Me / XP / 98 / 2000

Product Features

Click ice blocks of the same shape to eliminate them and click blocks that are the same shape AND color to rack up even higher scores.

Use power-ups to break blocks;blow up tricky sections;or melt entire ice waves.

The intensity builds over 60 levels as the avalanches gain speed and complexity! Juggling two boards at once pushes the player's matching skills to the limit!

An addictive challenge for everyone with clever game design;simple rules;and an easy-to-learn interface

Product Description

From the creator of Tetris! In a world frozen by a new ice age;players must stop avalanches of frozen blocks from burying villages from across the globe. Match shapes and colors to save villagers and end the global winter in another crazily addictive puzzle game from Alexey Pajitnov.