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[ Home > DVD > DOCUMENTARY > The Concrete Revolution: The Other Side of the Chinese Miracle (2004) (DVD) ]

The Concrete Revolution: The Other Side of the Chinese Miracle (2004) (DVD)

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RPN DCH7027DList: $19.98
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UPC Number: 682086702728

Actors: Concrete Revolution-Other Side of Chines

Format: Color, NTSC

Language: English

Studio: Choices Inc.

Release date: April 11, 2006

Run time: 61 minutes

Product Description

Award-winning filmmaker Xiaolu Guo examines the tremendous moral and human cost of creating a "New China" for the 2008 Olympics. Blending social commentary, frank interviews and evocative imagery, the viewer is led to ponder who really benefits from the endless construction taking place in Beijing. As traditional communities are bulldozed to make way for modern high-rise apartment buildings and ancient traditions are cast aside at the expense of approximately one million poor laborers from villages who barely get paid, the film asks how far will China go to sacrifice its traditional way of life for this new Western version? Thought-provoking and controversial, The Concrete Revolution offers a rare, first-hand survey of China in the 21st century. Includes Guidebook and Director's Statement.