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[ Home > DVD > JAPANIMATION > Bleach Uncut Box Set 2 w/Limited Collector's Figurine (DVD) ]

Bleach Uncut Box Set 2 w/Limited Collector's Figurine (DVD)

Availability: In Stock - Ships Immediately. This product is 100% GUARANTEED brand new, factory sealed and original U.S. version.

VIZ DBHBSD2DList: $59.98
You Save: $22.99 (38%)
UPC Number: 782009238973

Actors: Bleach

Format: Animated, Box set, Color, DVD-Video, NTSC

Language: English, Japanese

Region: Region 1

Aspect ratio: 1.33:1

Number of discs: 5


Release date: August 19, 2008

Run time: 525 minutes

Product Description

Special Collector's Figurine of Ichigo included!

Ichigo and his friends make the perilous journey to the Soul Society and are promptly set upon by the guardians of the spirit world. As they dodge one foe after another, they gradually draw nearer their goal: to rescue Rukia from the tower cell where she awaits her death sentence. But their presence threatens the very order of the Soul Society itself, and they must face the ultimate opponents--the captains of the guard squads whose Spiritual Pressure is unmatched, even by Ichigo himself!

Special Features Include: * Bonus Materials: Behind the Scenes of BLEACH * Bilingual (Japanese & English) * Contains Episode 21-41 (Original and Uncut)