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[ Home > DVD > JAPANIMATION > Death Note Vol. 7 with Limited Edition Mello Figurine (2008) (DVD) ]

Death Note Vol. 7 with Limited Edition Mello Figurine (2008) (DVD)

Availability: In Stock - Ships Immediately. This product is 100% GUARANTEED brand new, factory sealed and original U.S. version.

VIZ DDND07DList: $39.97
You Save: $17.98 (45%)
UPC Number: 782009238171

Actors: Death Note

Directors: na

Format: Animated, Box set, Color, DVD-Video, NTSC, Subtitled, Widescreen

Language: English, Japanese

Region: Region 1

Number of discs: 1


Release date: October 28, 2008

Run time: 100 minutes

Product Description

Japanese Imported Limited Edition Collector's Figurine of MELLO Included!

With his memory recovered and Higuchi of the Yotsuba Group out of the way, Light can put his master plan into motion and march humanity closer to his perfect world. Then a new investigative force steps forward to challenge Kira--the SPK, headed by boy genius Near. Near's first plan of action: get his hands on a Death Note. And when Light's sister Sayu is kidnapped, it just might get him closer to his goal!

Bilingual (English/Japanese) with English subtitles